Posted by: lornasass | December 7, 2009


Photo copyright Lorna Sass, 2009

I’m often surprised at just how delicious pressure-cooked potatoes are, and they are so flexible in the timing department.

You can throw some potatoes in with a pot roast and cook them for an hour, or steam a few on their own for 10 or 15 minutes.  To keep the potatoes intact, it’s best to cook them whole, leaving their skins on, then peel after cooking, if you wish.  (I usually eat them peel and all.)  It’s also best to use the natural pressure release; quick release is likely to burst them open.

This Sunday we had some nice people over for brunch and served these gorgeous purple-fleshed potatoes in slices alongside eggs scrambled with browned onions and smoked salmon.  The Sweetie found these potatoes in a Korean grocery. According to Elizabeth Schneider’s magnum opus, VEGETABLES FROM AMARANTH TO ZUCCHINI,  this variety is called All-Blue.

They looked gorgeous on the plate and tasted very sweet and good. I believe their creaminess was due to steam-cooking them under pressure, which I did for 10 minutes in 1 1/2 cups of water, then used the natural pressure release.  Hope you get to try them soon.


  1. I found Peruvian Purple Potatoes at Central Market last week. They are small potatoes that would have been perfect for a new potato type dish. The little kids loved the purple mashed potatoes. (Since they were organic, we were able to leave the skin on them.)

    • They are a really gorgeous color, aren’t they? I’m not surprised to hear that the kids liked them!

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