Posted by: lornasass | January 6, 2010


Since I’m an avid pressure cooker user, and often have two cookers going at once, I’m always on the look-out for a good multi-timer.  I just got this dandy 4-way timer and am very happy with it.

I’m never good about reading the small print in instruction manuals, but found this timer very user friendly and easy to set up.  It times up and down, so that if I’m writing a recipe, I can start it counting up and then write into the recipe just how long it takes the onions to become limp.

Once the cooker has reached high pressure, I set it for the number of minutes I want it to cook at high pressure and then it lets me know loud and clear when it’s time to release the pressure.  You get the idea…

You’ll find many comments on and accolades for this timer on  I can see why people like it–takes the pressure out of cooking under pressure.



  1. I have that same timer and use it often but have forgotten how to do more than one item at a time. One of my students showed me how awhile ago and I just loved it. It also has different beeps so that you can distinguish one timer from another.
    Where would I be without my timer and pressure cooker? I’d have to eat raw food. Hmmm…

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