Posted by: lornasass | January 7, 2010


These enthusiastic folks share some useful advice from their personal experiences using an electric pressure cooker.

It’s easy to ask questions and join in on the conversation.


  1. looking for a good electric pressure cooker, any advice?

    • After having gone through 3 electric pressure cookers (an earlier model Cuisinart, a Cooks Essentials (QVC) and finally Wolfgang Pucks from HSN (purchased Deceber 2011) I finally found one that does all it says it will! It browns, sautes and you can set the time…not go by pre-programmed settings.The Cuisinart model CPC-600 , purchased from Amazon ($85.95) is a wonderful appliance. I have used it 2-4 times a week since purchasing in late January. I have found that Bob Warden’s cookbooks (also from Amazon) have been life savers as I learned to cook with an EPC. If you like your foods flavorfull you MUST increase his seasonings, even in his latest book released in Feb 2012. I really recommend this Cuisinart model.

      • I’m so glad to hear of your success with this model. TX so much for sharing the info with me and my readers. Happy cooking! Lorna

  2. Just bought one from QVC a couple weeks ago, and have used it for pot roast and corned beef & cabbage. I’m a bit nervous about using it…not because of the safety angle, but concerned about using the settings correctly. The cabbage and potatoes were added in incremental steps, and both cooked just as desired.

    • I’m so glad you’re having good results. You may find that you need to add a few minutes to my timings as most electric cookers work at 9 lbs under pressure rather than 13-15. Happy cooking! Lorna

  3. I have recently bought an electric cuisinart pressure cooker and am wonderering what i do to stop liquid spurting out the top of relief valve when doing quick release, i done a creamed rice and milk etc went everywhere… any tips?

    • I’d reduce cooking time under pressure by about 8 minutes and do natural release instead of quick release.

  4. it was a recipe from the booklet with the machine, so i didn’t expect it to spurt
    out, but i will that a try, thanks

  5. I just got “Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure” and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes. For those recipes that call for browning or sweating onions in the pot before bringing up the pressure, I’d assume that I’d just do that in another pan and add all of those things to the electric pressure cooker at once? I’m also a bit confused about those recipes that call for bringing things to a boil in the pressure cooker and then adding ingredients. Should I just add boiling water and ingredients to the cooker? Do I need to adjust the time? Thanks!

    • If your cooker has a browning capacity, try that. Otherwise, just skip the browning and add the onions with the other ingredients. Yes, adding boiling water sounds good. In general electric cookers work @ 9 lbs under high pressure and my recipe have been tested @ 13-15 lbs so you are likely to need to increase the cooking time by a few minutes. Possibly the booklet that came with your cooker may give you some estimated timings, but these booklets are not always reliable. Some of the comments below may also guide you. Good luck and happy cooking! Lorna

  6. Great information 🙂

  7. Hi Lorna!

    I just bought a Fagor multi cooker and thought I’d try it out on beans. First time, I put in two cups of kidney beans unsoaked and six cups of water. The website said if you’re using unsoaked beans, cook them for 15+ extra. So I set the timer on high for 25 minutes. I didn’t look at the clock, but I’m pretty sure 25 minutes came and went. I smelled beans burning, so I turned it off, opened the valve for steam at the top, and sure enough: they were burned black. I thought maybe I hadn’t put in enough water. So I did it again, and made sure I put in enough water. This time, after 15 minutes, I turned it off, waited for the steam to clear, and took a peek. There were beans bubbling in water. So I closed it back up, turned it on for another 10 minutes, opened the valve for steam at the top, waited for it to clear, but the timer just kept going, even though I had pushed the stop button. I unplugged it, opened it up, and they were burned again.

    The Fagor’s timer never rang. And it was like it didn’t even want to turn off.

    Should I send this thing back?

    • What a drag. I hate to hear these stories. It sounds like this cooker isn’t functioning properly. I am not a big fan of electric cookers; I find stovetop models much more reliable. I’d vote to return it. Let’s hear what others on the forum think. You might want to check the suggestions below to find a more reliable model if you want to stick with electric cookers. Good luck! Lorna

  8. I have recently bought a Breville Fast/Slow cooker… It does not need a stove, being electric.
    Today, when I went to work at our Glenelg Clinic, I saw rabbits for sale at the local butcher shop…!!!! I asked them to save me two dressed rabbits to pick up after work…. Tomorrow, I am going to try using the saute/pressure cooking duo, to cook” Rabbit in red wine.”
    My recipe suggests 1.30 hrs “oven time” to cook.. I think I will try 10 min in the pressure cooker, after the saute stage and see how that turns out. Woo hoo I hope it works, for the meat to fall off the bones.

    • Rabbit is VERY lean, so not the best meat to cook under pressure. It is likely to become dry and stringy. If you decide to try it anyway, pls let me know how you do. Happy Cooking! Lorna

  9. Not sure if first response went through.
    Please help. I have an electric pressure cooker. ..power XL. Categorizing me as a novice is an understatement. I have been through Google queries n YouTube, but haven’t found an answer. The question. ..what setting do I put eggplant on…specifically Dutch eggplant. . I am seeing “high”, but that’s not an option. Should I press vegetable, since eggplant is a vegetable? Thanks 🙂

    • I suggest you post your query on the group page of Lorna Sass is My Homegirl page on Facebook.

  10. I have a power pressure cooker plus. Previously I washed the inner pot and put it away. Later that night my wife attempted to cook chicken and didn’t notice the inner pot was not inserted. Needless to say the chicken began to burn on the heating element.

    Is there a way this can be safely cleaned?

    • I suggest you post your query on the group page of Lorna Sass is My Homegirl page on Facebook.

  11. For a given dish, will cooking times differ when using 4qt cooker verses a 6qt?

    • No change in time, tho the 4-quart will likely come up to pressure faster. Happy Cooking!

  12. Thanks for you sharing. Bestek electronic pressure cooker is the tool for me. Now I have used it to cook for several times. Everything is OK. Besides that, there are several functions about it, I can use it more than a cooker. More details about it is on bestekmall. Hope this is useful to you.

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