Posted by: lornasass | January 14, 2010


My advice is to get at least a 6-quart or larger cooker, even if you are cooking only for 2.  Since you can only fill at cooker 2/3 full–you need to allow room for the steam pressure to gather), a 6-quart cooker is really equal to a 4-quart pot.

An 8-quart cooker allows you maximum flexibility in your want to do duplex and triplex cooking, such as layering potatoes on the bottom, a meatloaf on the potatoes, and a packet on foil-wrapped carrots on top.

For a second cooker, it’s nice to have a 2 1/2- or 4-quart size.  A smaller cooker is great for making risotto and small batches of veggies.

Some manufacturers offer a large and small cooker with one lid.  These are handy if you don’t plan to be making two pressure-cooked dishes at once.

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