Posted by: lornasass | February 9, 2010


The Sweetie and I set off the smoke alarm repeatedly while roasting a chicken in a Romertopf clay pot on Saturday night.  We were rushing around opening windows and doors and turning on the ceiling fan in what felt like an episode from I LOVE LUCY.  Needless to say, it was not a relaxing prelude to dinner.

Apparently we’d stuffed the clay pot too full with chicken and veggies and there was some serious dripping on the bottom of the oven.  What a mess!

The Romertopf in now on the give-away table in my co-op’s basement, and the episode sent me fleeing back to the safety and familiarity of my beloved pressure cooker!

The chicken wasn’t quite cooked through to the bone when we decided to cease and desist, so once we’d carved off the cooked meat for dinner, I decided to use the carcass for a lentil soup with Middle Eastern spices, thereby creating a rich chicken broth at the same time as I was preparing the soup itself.

The Sweetie videod this two-part episode.  In the first segement you’ll see me start the soup off and set the lid on my brand new 8-quart (nice and roomy) WMF cooker.  In the second part, I unlock the lid, remove the chicken carcass, and finish off the soup with some fresh cilantro.  From start to finish the soup took under 30 minutes!

Part One

Part Two

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