Posted by: lornasass | February 11, 2010


WMF, the high-end German cookware company, gifted me with a beautiful new 8-quart cooker last week.

When we were exiting from my apartment to bring the box downstairs to the re-cycling area, The Sweetie noticed the names of pressure cookers listed in 21 languages.  I was enchanted, so I stopped to take a picture before we tossed the box.

My favorites (among those alphabets that I can read) are Schnelltopf, Olla Rapida, and Snelkookpan, but truth be told, I love pressure cookers no matter what you call them.  And I also love to think about cooks all over the world using a “pc.”

I’m glad WMF started each name in capital letters, giving pressure cookers the respect they deserve.


  1. Hi! Ours is nr 6!!

    I have tried to spread the word of pressure cooking every possible way. It is just simply great! I do not have a blog of my own, but I have left so many comments to our bloggers. Pressure cooking should be tried more! Also local food magazines and columns should wake up!

    We have at least one good pressure cooker smaller (3ltr) and larger (5,5 ltr): . The price is high, but every cent worth for! Last summer I contacted the company and asked for a trivet. They did not have that – but surpise surprise, I could order one last week!
    It is good to notice that they listen to the consumers.

    I noticed from your video (thank you for a nice visit to your kitchen!) that your cooker is not that wide either. Sometimes I would like to use one a bit larger in diameter. Probably wide ones do not create pressure well enough, or why the pots are quite narrow?

    Orderd just two more of your books. Just love the Pressure Perfect! And thank you for your help – I do find burnt food lots lots less nowadays! 🙂

    • Thanks for keeping in touch from Finland and for spreading the word!

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