Posted by: lornasass | February 25, 2010


My Valentine’s gifts from the world were two recent 5-star reviews that showed up on Amazon for Pressure Perfect.

In this book I teach not only pressure cooking, but how to substitute ingedients with what you have on hand.  In other words, the book teaches you how to improvise, which is what real cooking is all about.  It’s so gratifying that these two cook/readers got it.

Review #1 by Citizen John (Washington, D.C.)

“This is a quality cookbook that teaches you how to be very quick and versatile with your pressure cooker. The key to getting the hang of any kind of cooking is to be able to work with what you have to produce a work of art or at least something both tasty and healthy. This book does that better than maybe all the others.

The main problem I have with 90% of cookbooks is that I’ve got to have hard to find ingredients to make just about anything work, and I’m not such a dedicated grocery shopper. Sass’s approach appeals to me in particular. You see what you have and go with it doing the best you can, and it short order. The result is tasty and healthy.”

Review #2 by M. J. Kogan “Walter DeFoe” (Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

“A thoughtfully written moderate size book with a good index. Even the type face is attractive: page numbers mid-page left and nice use of bracketing and bolding for key points. You don’t need to know where to look for information. Every recipe is stand alone. Each has page references to ingredient tables, meat, vegetarian, and flavor variations, and, at the bottom, how to pare it down for a smaller 4 quart cooker. The first three recipes I tried (pea soup, turkey barley and beans with meat) came out perfect the first time. Can’t ask for more than that. Can you?”

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