Posted by: lornasass | March 5, 2010


Just happened upon the post of a pressure cooker enthusiast (mysteriously identified at Chef B) who uses the cooker to steam his coconut flan in 15 minutes!

The chef seems a little surprised that it all goes so quickly.  I’m not surprised at all.

Can’t wait to try this recipe and lots of others with a Latin accent that are linked to in this post.



  1. Hi Lorna–Being a great flan aficionado, I tried this. Easy, peasy–that’s the truth. Only three eggs really did not give it “good” flan flavor–texture was fine. If I raised the number to five eggs, would I need to make any other adjustments: time? liquid? Most Cuban flan(es) use five eggs, 1 can condensed milk, 1 can evaporated milk, 1 tsp vanilla, or other additions for different flavors. What do you think?
    Thank you, Jody

    • I think you can try your favorite flan in the “pc” with the ingredients you mention. I’d love to hear how it turns out. Happy cooking! Lorna

  2. I’m Cuban, and if you are a pressure cooking enthusiast you should know that it is an everyday kitchen tool in every Cuban home and in the homes of many other latin cultures.

    Cubans are not pressure cooker enthusiasts…we basically come out of the womb cooking with them. And from the link to the post I see that Chef B is a Cuban young lady.

    Also, the number of eggs in a flan can be adjusted depending on which type of flan you are making…this is not unusal for us..we do it all the time.

    Good Luck & Have fun with~

  3. Hi Lorna… thanks for linking my coconut flan a few years ago. I saw a reference to this post on my backend earlier and clicked on it.

    I’m not at all surprised the flan was cooked in 15 minutes. I’ve been using them for over 18 years and am very familiar with how they work 🙂 I have to go back and read the post to see what I wrote to suggest I was “surprised.” Perhaps to affect my readers and inspire them to try it as most of them are novice and not even 10 of them (that I engage with) have ever used one. Either way, your reader Esli is accurate in that most Cubans come out of the womb knowing what a pressure cooker is and its basic essential need in our kitchens, I being one of them. And, yes, the number of eggs is adjustable depending on the kind of flan one is making. My basic recipe calls for 3 and it’s spot on. But, everyone’s texture preference is different. As you know, cooking time makes a huge difference as well.

    Finally, nice to make the acquaintance.


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