Posted by: lornasass | March 29, 2010


At few nights ago in downtown Napa, I demonstrated how to pressure-cook a saffron farro risotto with large, gorgeous, heirloom Rancho Gordo scarlet runner-type beans stirred in at the end.  Among other things, we were celebrating the publication of the 20th anniversary edition of COOKING UNDER PRESSURE.

We had a lively crowd of would-be converts to pressure cooking in the audience at Rancho Gordo’s new shop in a hip section of Napa.  I hope my 7-minute farro risotto won them all over.  I developed the recipe for Steve Sando’s book, HEIRLOOM BEANS.

Here I am with Steve, founder of Rancho Gordo, who is now the proud possessor of a shiny, new, WMF 8-quart pressure cooker.  He promised me he’d use it!  Steve, what’s for dinner tonight?



  1. What an attractive couple!

    • Yes siree! As Ethel Waters would have said, “You’ve got the best beans in town.”

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