Posted by: lornasass | July 24, 2010


I had an e-mail from Fissler pressure cookers that their Blue Point model was among the ten suggested gifts for newlyweds in the latest issue of GET MARRIED magazine.

Such news excites me and sends me back nostalgically to the forties, when every new American bride received a cooker and actually used it every day to prepare family meals.

The pressure cooker has definitely been making a slow-and-steady comeback, but now I’m hopeful that it will once again be considered part of a cook’s basic roster of kitchen equipment.

How else can you make a split pea soup in 10 minutes flat?  Or a trendy porcini risotto in 4 minutes under pressure?

Check out #10 below.



  1. I picked up a pressure cooker and your great cookbook – Cooking Under Pressure for my close friend who got married last month!

    Pressure cookers are a great idea for a wedding gift.

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