Posted by: lornasass | December 3, 2010


Hi Lorna,
I gave a pressure cooker and your Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure to my mother last week.
She had us over for dinner last night, used the pressure cooker for the first time, and made the Vegetarian Paella. It turned out perfectly – we were amazed! She is making the 12-bean soup today and seems really excited to have this new tool in her kitchen.

Thanks for the recommendations!
– Julie

THE ABOVE E-MAIL MADE ME SMILE OUT LOUD. Pressure cooking is finally catching on in a big way and a cooker and one of my books makes an ideal holiday gift.



  1. And a way to bring a friend around to pressure cooking is to give them one of Lorna’s books of irresistible recipes. who could read “Sublimey Beans” or “Moroccan Lamb Tagine” and not be converted!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Pls spread the word! And I’d be so grateful if you reviewed the book on Amazon. Happy cooking! Lorna

  2. I also received a pressure cooker and a copy of Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure for Christmas. We have tried and enjoyed so many delicious (and really healthy) dishes over the last month. So, I second your recommendation of giving these as gifts 🙂

    Thank you for good health and good food!

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