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One of the great rewards of being a cookbook author is discovering that I’ve made friends all over the world. Today I discovered that Beth Fish considers me one of her friends although we’ve never met.

Demonstrating pressure cooking at the International Housewares Show in Chicago.

Why? Because she’s a keen fan of pressure cooking and my “pc” books. You can read all about it here:



  1. I have a problem. I’ve been using Presto cookers for over 50 years. I have a new Fagor and am having trouble, I guess, figuring out the amt of steam to come out, because I’m having to cook foods a lot longer than in Presto. I cook meats, roasts, short ribs, ribs. Any suggestion?

    • It sounds like the Fagor is cooking at lower PSI pressure, i.e. maybe 9 lbs under high pressure rather than 13-15. I suggest you call their customer service and mention the problem to them, or check their user manual for timings. There’s a Presto selling on Amazon that gets good ratings, but I’ve not tried it.

      • Thanks. This is new, so I don’t want another one. I’m following the Fagor timing but having to go a lot longer than it says. I still have my old Presto. The Fagor instruction says start timing when a steady slow steam comes out, but how do youo determine the correct amount of steam. Yes, I will call their customer service. It also says never to use less than 2 cups of water. If I use that much the meat tastes boiled. The Fagor is rated so high I thought I’d try it, but am not happy so far, although I love the way it browns meat. Am sure its just finding what a steaday stream of steam means

      • Good luck! 2 cups of water sounds pretty limiting…

  2. Thanks so much for your great cookbooks and your pressure cooker advice.

  3. I have an electric pressure cooker and I just tried it for the very first time with a pork loin roast. I cooked my 1 pound loin for 25 min on high pressure with a cup and a half of water and did a quick release and my roast was dry. What did I do wrong? Also, do you have a recipe for Chicken with marmalade for the pressure cooker? I have one I’d like to adapt but it also calls for carrots and bulgur. Any ideas?

    • Pork loin is a dry cut. Pork shoulder works much better in the pressure cooker. For recommended cuts, check PRESSURE PERFECT which has oodles of useful charts for just about any ingredient you can imagine. I’d suggest adapting your chicken recipe by using the proportions in a similar recipe from one of my pc books. Add extra liquid to accommodate for the bulgur. Stir in the marmalade at the end to avoid any scorching issues. Happy cooking! Lorna

      • Thank you for the quick reply and the sound advice. I will try the different cut of pork and adapt my chicken recipe as you suggested. I just bought a couple of your books so I am off and running! Much appreciated!

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