Posted by: lornasass | July 13, 2011


I was thrilled to read, in the July 2011 issue of Food and Wine that Top Ten Chef Michael Voltaggio loves the pressure cooker. Here’s what he reveals:

“I’m obsessed. I’m cooking all my sauces in it, I’m cooking seeds and nuts, pretty much anything I can put in there. You get such clean flavor so fast.”

What more can I say?

You can read more about this fascinating chef here.


  1. Love his “macho” tattoos. Apparently chefs need to prove that they’re not “sissies”.

    • I thought “Wow, a chef who loves pressure cookers and has tattoos too. What fun!”

  2. I agree . . . a man using the pressure cooker is already deeply macho: think of all that superheated steam trying to get out through a tiny vent . . . who needs tattoos?

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