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I just got the word from my publisher that PRESSURE PERFECT is going into its 18th printing.  WOW!  This news delights me beyond words because it means that more and more Americans are casting their fears aside and becoming devotees of the pressure cooker–saving time and fuel at the same time.  I also sense this because I’m getting lots of subscriptions to this blog.

To celebrate, click here for a recipe from PRESSURE PERFECT for SPLIT PEA SOUP.  It always amazes me when I open the lid to see that after 10 minutes under pressure and the natural release, the soup is already pureed!  No immersion blender needed. In the book itself, you’ll find lots of Transformations and Variations to change the flavor palate of this and the other 200+ recipes.

Pressure cooking is fast-forward cooking, my kind of cooking.



  1. You have made a big impact on my life as I have learned to use my pressure cooker to make delicious meals for my family. Your recipes are easy to follow and the outcomes are always delicious! Thank you for making cooking easy and fun. I currently live in an RV and the propane burner is not big enough to bring my Kuhn Rikon up to pressure but thankfully my mother lives on our property in a separate dwelling and I can run my pressure cooker over to her stove to do the final step. Each new recipe is such a delight ~ guaranteed to satisfy & delight the appetite. We love that you include so many vegan-vegetarian recipes. Thanks again for making all this possible. A fan in Blanchard, Idaho.

    • Hi Dee: TX so much for your appreciative words. I’m thrilled to know that the “pc” is alive and well in Blanchard, Idaho. I trust you are spreading the word? Happy cooking! Lorna

  2. Congratulations, Lorna. The 18th printing – that’s quite an accomplishment! Just think how many more printings would be needed if Americans got as excited about pressure cooking as many Europeans, Asians and Australians are. We really seem to be lagging behind in that regard.

  3. 18th printing! That’s incredible – what a satisfying feeling it must be for you to have seen your mission to reach more Americans with pressure cookers be so successful. Keep at it!

    • TX for your kind and encouraging words, Justin!

  4. Lorna, I just bought your Pressure Perfect book and I love it!!! I have been wanting to try pressure cooking for a long time, as the time benefits were so appealing to me. However, my husband was extremely anti-the idea, saying they were dangerous, etc. Well, I decided to go ahead anyway and bought a new electric Cuisinart 6 quart cooker and I tried your rib recipe today and followed it up with making two potatoes in the broth right afterward while the ribs were in the oven. I have historically been intimidated by “meat and potato” type cooking and usually my husband is the cook in our house as he has certain ways that he likes to do things (which are always the way his grandmother did and take hours and hours, so cooking doesn’t actually happen too often in our house!) Anyway, I was able to make the ribs and potatoes all by myself and it turned out great!!! Thank you for a great book, I look forward to exploring all kinds of options for weeknight cooking that I previously didn’t have.

    • Wow. I’m so pleased to hear all this. TX for letting me know.

  5. Greetings,

    I haven’t pressure cooked since the 70s, and am looking for good modern cookbooks in this area (since I have a new electronic PC). Is there any information online about the contents of your books, e.g. tables of contents, sample pages? I couldn’t find any at my local B&N, and there is no content information at all on the Amazon pages for these books. Lacking content info, I think I am going to have to get them from the library to check out the content.

    Also, can you comment on the differences between Cooking Under Pressure versus Pressure Perfect? Which is better for an experienced cook with modern taste? Which has fewer carby dishes?

    thanks very much ….

    p.s. OK I just found a few excerpts on your site from Pressure Perfect. But what about a table of contents for that book and Cooking Under Pressure (20th)?

  6. Hello, me again ….. I just saw that previews of your books have been added to Amazon now, that is so helpful! Now that I’ve seen it, I know that Pressure Perfect is something I can use, even though I already bought a different pressure cooker book. Thank you!

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