Posted by: lornasass | October 29, 2011


Every fall, the farmer’s market a few blocks from my home sells 4-pound bags of perfectly delicious, just slightly imperfect apples for $3.  What a steal. Who can resist, especially when applesauce is so easy to make in the p.c.

I’ve known since testing recipes for Cooking Under Pressure in 1989 that just by bringing quartered apples up to pressure, then letting the pressure come down naturally, I could have a lovely applesauce in about 15 minutes.  (With “pc” applesauce, you also save on prep time since the cooker tenderizes the apple skins–so there’s no need to peel them–plus the skins give the final product a rosy hue.)

Last year I discovered that by adding some crystallized ginger, I could take homemade applesauce from very good to sublime.

Here’s what you do:  Pour 1/2 cup water in the cooker.  Slice large chunks of apple around the core.  Discard the cores and toss the apples into the cooker.  For about 4 pounds of apples, add 3 to 4 tablespoons coarsely chopped crystallized ginger.

Bring up to high pressure, then immediately turn off the heat. (If using an electric stove, move the cooker to a cool burner.) Wait about ten minutes for the pressure to come down naturally, remove the lid, and give it a stir.  That’s all folks!

Eat warm with vanilla icecream or cool, then refrigerate for up to 10 days.  Have some with your morning oatmeal or even better, with steel-cut oats.  Enjoy!



  1. Lorna, to make this even faster… use one of those “fancy schmanzy” apple cutters – a must for anyone with small kids in the house (for a quick healthy snack). They slice and core at the same time! Here’s one from amazon to show you what I mean but I’m sure any housewares section will carry one:


    L <– Kitchen Gadget Addict ; )

  2. And to think we used to pay for the processed applesauce in glass jars . . . !

  3. […] You can find two variations on her blog.  For Pronto Pressure-Cooked Ginger Applesauce, click on… and for Pressure-Cooked 10-Minute Applesauce, clink here: […]

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