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Hi all of you fans of the pressure cooker!

Now that it’s holiday season, I imagine that your cooker is going to get lots of use.

Thanks to Sigrid Trombley, a big fan of the “pc,” I have some new scrubbing advice to share with you to keep that cooker shining like new.  I haven’t had a chance to try these out, so please let me know via the comments if you like them–or add your own scrubbing advice.

Oh, and when you store the clean cooker, never lock the lid in place.  This is not good for the gasket and keeps the aromas of your last meal alive.  Store the lid upside-down on top of the cooker or elsewhere.  Happy cooking and happy holidays!
Dawn Power Dissolver
12.8 oz trigger spray
Pre-treat for washing dishes, pots and pans
Eliminates the need to soak in water and requires no scrubbing
Uses foaming spray to lift and penetrate greasy soils on cookware

NOTES FROM SIGRID: Dawn Power Dissolver has 41 reviews on Amazon, 39 are 5 star and the two that are not have nothing to do with the product quality.

Note, Dawn Power Dissolver is not to be confused with the various versions of regular Dawn diswashing liquids that are readily available in most supermarkets. I read about Dawn Power Dissolver online and checked numerous stores in Wichita for it and could find it nowhere. Amazon purchasers have said the same thing. I have no idea why it’s so difficult to find. I also have and use Bar Keeper’s Friend, which is readily available, but Dawn Power Dissolver will remove “stuff” that BKF will not.

The Chore Boy Longlast Scrubber is also a favorite product of mine and I had to get it online as well though you might find it locally. I particularly like this product because the sponge side of the scrubber is the kind of sponge that is really absorbent unlike plastic sponges which are not very absorbent.

Your Helper in the Kitchen 🙂




  1. Dawn Power Disolver is in a bottle with a sprayer dispenser.It is a fantastic grease cutter for cleaning burned on grease off BBCues, and pots and pans.
    In Michigan I’ve found it a Meijer and also at Walmart.

    • TX so much. It’s on my shopping list! I still remember the moment I discovered Soft Scrub and I think this is going to be equally fun!

    • And our local Ace Hardware store carries it too.

  2. Do you have any suggestions on how to clean the rubber gasket? Mine holds the aromas of what I’ve made.

    • According to Laura Pazzaglia of

      “I’ve had this problem, and I hang my gaskets on a hook, above the sink! What I recommend is covering the gasket in a mix of 1/2 boiling water and 1/2 white vinegar and letting it soak overnight.
      Then, rinse and use.

      Also, it’s ideal to remove and clean the gasket after each use and store it apart from the lid. Never store the cooker with the lid locked in place.

      Hope this helps. Good luck! Lorna

  3. Dawn Power Disolver is the most awesome product I have ever used to clean burnt on, stuck on food from my pots and pans. Since I only use stainless steel and cast iron I use this quite often….especially when it is my husband’s turn to cook.

    In Omaha, NE, DPD is available at some Bakers (Kroger), HyVee, Bag and Save, as well as Super Saver.

    I might add, I have tried several recipes from this site and am quite pleased with the results. I used to believe, “If 20 minutes is good, 25 would be better” but since I use my pc most days for dinner, whether making mashed potatoes, roast, vegetables, soup, cakes or other desserts, I have learned to go with less time rather than more to preserve flavor, unless I am dealing with a particularly tough cut of meat. Thanks for the info!

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