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Here’s a great tip for making chicken broth at the same time that you are making a soup:

Whenever you eat bone-in chicken, freeze the bones with a little meat still clinging to them. 

Once you’ve accumulated a nice handful of bones, throw them into any soup you are pressure cooking.  (For ease in removing the bones after cooking, numerous readers have suggested tucking them into a cheesecloth packet and closing the packet with a silicon cooking band.  I think this is a great idea!)

Case in point:  over the weekend, I made a nice bean soup using 1 pound of large (unsoaked) limas.  I made the broth from 8 cups of water, a sauteed chopped onion, 4 large sun-dried tomatoes, and 2 teaspoons of vegetable broth powder plus the chicken bones, of course.  To all of this, I added the dried limas.

10 minutes under high pressure plus the natural pressure release: the limas were meltingly tender and the soup broth had a strong, deep chicken flavor.

After cooking, I removed the bones, then stirred in lots of fresh dill, lemon juice, and lemon zest.  I also added some cubes of roasted chicken. The soup was a big hit. 

Happy cooking!



  1. Cool recipe explanation, Lorna!…sans the chicken in my version. I’m so glad to be on your list.

  2. I’m always looking for outstanding chicken broth recipes and though I save chicken and turkey bones, my refrigerator’s small freezer section limits what I can save.

    I like the idea of using vegetable broth powder instead of chicken broth powder to add to the flavor of the chicken bone-enhanced broth/soup as commercial chicken broth powder always seems to have such a strong artificial taste that it can overwhelm any “real chicken” flavor you get from the bones.

    Bean soup sounds tasty as well.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! Does anyone have a problem when starting to
    make tomato sauce with it burning? I make a think sauce since I’m Italing
    and have this problem with anything that gets or starts our thinck………any sugestions? Thanks…….

    • Try sauteeing a few cups of onions first, then add 1/4 cup water. Put the tomatoes on top and don’t stir. This should keep scorching at bay. (It’s the sugar in the tomatoes that cause the problem.)

  4. Love the idea about freezing for later date, and how much yummier can it get on a cold day. I bought the presser cooker on the fly for my husband and he has had so much fun with it. Last minute meals, soup and beans, ribs all in just minutes. That his kinda a planning but who cares he cooks I enjoy!

  5. THICK SAUCES & SOUPS: sounds like a good idea….I will try that. I have been putting the ingredients into a pot (like a water bath) and then cooking, but it seems to change the
    cooking time………..Have the same problem with chili, pea soup , etc. If you have any other suggestions I would really appreciate it……… thank you

  6. I’d like to put the bones in a cheesecloth bag. Will cheesecloth hold up in a pressure cooker? What could I tie the bag with? Thanks!

    • The cheesecloth bag seems like a great idea and the cloth should hold up, but I’ve never tried it. To be certain it won’t disintegrate, put the cheesecloth in water and bring up to pressure for 10 minutes to test it out. You can tie it with clean, durable string. I’d love to know if this works out. Happy cooking! Lorna

  7. Maggie you could tie the cheesecloth bag with a silicone cooking band. There are others, but you might like the Architec Stretch Cooking Band, 2-Inch, Package 20, Assorted Colors found on Amazon. They could be used for your purpose as well as many others — see description below.

    “Award winning design from Architec, silicone hot cooking bands. 2-inch bands replace butcher twine or toothpicks. Made of 100-percent medical grade silicone, these bands are food safe, freezer safe, deep fry safe and dishwasher safe. Heat resistant up to 600-degrees they can be used in the oven on the griddle, bbq or rotisserie. 2-inch fits up to 20-pound turkey. Colors are ideal for food identification, rare/medium/well, mild/medium/spicy.”

    • TX Sigrid. You know so many useful things! I appreciate your sharing so generously. Lorna

  8. Great idea! Thanks!

    • I just used this technique again when making a black bean soup and am now really committed to wrapping the bones (especially if you are using the whole chicken carcass) in a cheesecloth bag. It’s a lot easier to remove the bones after cooking!

  9. I love your tip in making a chicken broth. I will definitely going to use that tip and I am one lucky guy to found your post with an amazing and useful tip.

  10. More kudos to you, Lorna! We gave a PC and Pressure Perfect to our always too busy, but food loving daughter & son-in-law. They like how the PC infuses flavor throughout the dish, but are rhapsodic about your recipes!

    • I’m so happy to hear this. I’d be most grateful if you posted a review on Amazon. Happy cooking! Lorna

    • What a lovely compliment from your daughter and s-i-l about Lorna’s recipes, Karen F and what a wonderful gift from you.

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