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Well, The Wall Street Journal anyway.  How exciting is this?  Here’s what they had to say in print and on line on January 18, 2013.

“Get ready to fall in love all over again with the pressure cooker. Gone are the explosive devices of generations past: Today’s pressure cookers—which cook food superfast with the help of steam built up inside a sealed container—won’t set your house on fire, but they will whip up first-rate meals in the blink of an eye.”  They follow this intro with their review of the best cookers.

I’m glad that the Wall Street folks finally noticed that pressure cookers are safe–only about 30 years after the newly designed cookers were introduced to saavy American cooks.  I don’t know how stocks did today, but my Amazon ratings ratings zoomed up for Cooking Under Pressure and Pressure PerfectGreat Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure is building up steam too.

Happy, speedy, delicious cooking to all!



  1. How amusing! Too bad the masses didn’t discover pressure cooking before but then again, I’m really glad they’re buying your books. GVCUP is a one of a kind and such a solide reference. It would be great if you publishe another one.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary!

    • I just made lamb shanks with white beans .. also one of my very favorites. And I make applesauce regularly, I put in a tea ball of mulling spices, cinnamon etc.. and when done, add a few drops of vanilla, butter and if needed, a bit of sugar.

  2. Oh and I guess you meant 2013 and not 2003

  3. My husband hates slow cooked comfort food – too mushy he says. I love them and miss not making them as much as I would like. Last night I made a pot roast, the first one in years, using a cross rib roast, with whole carrots in tin foil on top of the meat, and surrounded with little red potatoes – Lorna’s recipe of course, Pressure Perfect, page 96 – Pot Roast With Mushroom Gravy.

    He had two BIG helpings. and kind of mumbled that I should make it again.

    Thanks Lorna

    Nina – San Francisco

    • Oh, I love hearing this story! Spread the word and, if you have time, pls post a review on Amazon. Thanks for checking in.

    • Lorna, I’ve had you books for years and I am pretty sure that I have posted positive reviews for all of them – but I’ll check. My favorite recipe is Porcupine Meatballs … my mother used to make them when I was a kid and thanks to you I found the recipe again years later. Also love your Chicken Cacciatore.

      Any speaking plans for the San Francisco area? I missed you a few years ago at Carnivore.

      • Funny, I’m spending the year in nearby Marin but I’ve become a Life Coach and am not teaching cooking any more. Still use my pressure cooker just about every day, though. Black bean soup tomorrow!

  4. Lamb shanks with white beans. Pressure cooker risotto. Yum!! I’ve got those cookbooks, too. And I always make applesauce on the pressure cooker.


    • My new trick with applesauce is to add cut-up bits of crystallized ginger. It’s divine. Which of your teas would you recommend drinking with applesauce?

      • I don’t know that there’s a tea to go with applesauce, Lorna. 🙂 I tend to just drink whatever I’m in the mood for that day. I would think something a bit lighter would be good–an oolong or a green tea–but that’s just a guess. I would avoid fruity as that would clash with the applesauce.

        I’ll have to try the crystallized ginger. Sounds intriguing.


      • Would you add the ginger when making the sauce in the pressure cooker?

      • Yes, add the ginger right at the start.

  5. For once, I am ahead of Wall Street! Glad I discovered pressure cooking and your book a year ago. Love your book – Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure.

  6. Hi Lorna!
    After years using my Kuhn Rikon, I have fallen in love with the Cuisinart electric PC. BTW — only 2 cookbooks have a permanent space in my kitchen and Cooking Under Pressure is one of them.

    • What fun to hear from you and I’m honored!

  7. This is awesome Lorna. And the beat goes on as your books continue to sell for a good long time to come! Meredith

    On 1/22/13 5:22 PM, “PRESSURE COOKING WITH LORNA SASS” wrote:

    > lornasass posted: “Well, The Wall Street Journal anyway. How exciting is > this? Here’s what they had to say in print and on line on January 18, 2003. > “Get ready to fall in love all over again with the pressure cooker. Gone are > the explosive devices of generations past: ” >

  8. In New York, the temperature was somewhere between eight and eleven degrees this morning (that’s F, not C) — I was so glad I had made a big pressure-cooker of spicy bean soup a few days before. Wonderful inexpensive healthy comfort food. Thank you, Ms. Sass!

  9. Lorna…I have a (now vintage I guess!) copy of your Cooking Under Pressure that I bought in 1990, which started a love affair with pressure cookers and your cookbooks that continues to this day. GVCUP is my favorite of all time (I try to eat mostly vegetarian)…I just made your Curried Split Pea soup and it was awesome as usual. But Pressure Perfect is what I pull out when my boyfriend (who doesn’t consider a meal a meal unless it has meat in it) comes for dinner. Love love love your cookbooks!! Write more please:).

    • Hi Anette: thank you for your very kind words and for taking the time to write. I would be very grateful if you posted reviews on Amazon for these books. It really helps get the word out that my recipes are reliably good. Much appreciated. Happy cooking! Lorna

      • Hi Lorna – Nina from San Francisco. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Marin County. Great place to live and work.

        I have two Kuhn Rikons – 6 Qt. each. I have had the first one for about 20 years, (I bought Cooking Under Pressure at the same time) and the other is at a vacation home which I bought about 3 years ago, along with your updated Cooking Under Pressure.

        Anyway, I love them both and am very satisfied with Kuhn Rikon.

        Cooks Illustrated as you know, recently chose Fissler as their top choice, a brand that I have been aware of for some time, but wasn’t in the market for another one.

        Get to the point Nina …. Between Fissler & Kuhn Rikon what is your personal preference – price aside?


      • Hi Nina: Both are excellent cookers. If you’ve been so happy with Kuhn-Rikon, you might want to stay with it. If you’d like an adventure, you can try Fissler. It’s good to compare how the lid on each one locks, how each reveals when the pressure is up, and how you do the quick-release to see if you have a preference. You may also want to take a look at Pressure Perfect which will give you my latest take on the subject. Thanks so much for being such a loyal fan. Happy cooking! Lorna

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