You are on our “most wanted” list: the list of most wanted cookbooks, recipes, and people who have figured out the intricacies of making the best food with the least time and effort.
I only need someone to wash all the dishes and pots, along the way! (That’s the only problem with 30-minute meals.)

I’m a single person, so it is a special challenge for me, to feed myself well, so I have a ways to go.
Thanks from Anne Roberts (Amazon pressure cooker discussion group)


“Green” enthusiasts and pressure cookers.  A great union to start the new century.   Lorna Sass is THE Green Babe of good, wholesome, tasty food–Bill Coyne (Comment on Kerry Trueman’s Huffington Post blog:  A Julia Child for the 21st Century:  Meet Lorna Sass.


Dear Lorna,
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been cooking with a pressure cooker for 37 years and came from a home where my mother used one everyday. I too try to convert friends and family to use this remarkable tool.
This evening, I invited a young couple for dinner, and cooked almost the entire meal in my pressure cooker, trying to convince them that they should think about getting one of their own. Your shrimp risotto (with the addition of saffron), served with Cuban style black beans, did impress them. I actually have a brand new, Presto, 6qt. pressure cooker to give them, which I bought brand new at a tag sale for $1!! I’m hoping they’ll want it, and I’ll toss in one or two of your fantastic cookbooks.
Just wanted to let you know that I’m a huge fan of yours and appreciate the fine recipes you’ve provided me over the years.
As you have acknowledge, a cheesecake made in a pressure cooker wows guests everytime!
Rita Delgado (via e-mail)


More kudos to you, Lorna! We gave a PC and Pressure Perfect to our always too busy, but food loving daughter & son-in-law. They like how the PC infuses flavor throughout the dish, but are rhapsodic about your recipes!

Karen Farmer (via blog post)


Yesterday I made Lorna Sass’ Pasta Fagioli recipe and it is absolutely delicious!!!  After vising Providence RI’s Federal Hill (Italian) district and consuming their version, I must say Lorna Sass’ recipe is superior.  I purchased Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure during the 1990’s; loved it then; and have rediscovered it after moving and locating it boxed.  Lucky me!  I cannot not wait to try the Black Bean Chili, and the the Vegetable Risotto is next on my menu in a couple of days!!

Nora Kaszuba (via blog comment)


I’ve already all but destroyed my copy of Pressure Perfectfrom constant use.  (ObsessionduJour posted on Flickr)


I received a pressure cooker and a copy of Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure for Christmas. We have tried and enjoyed so many delicious (and really healthy) dishes over the last month. So, I second your recommendation of giving these as gifts 🙂

Thank you for good health and good food!

Carrie (via e-mail)

If you want to find real pressure cooker recipes that work, are healthy, quick, and tasty, go straight to Lorna Sass’s books — still the edible gold standard in this high-pressure field.
Kitchen Appliance Reviews –


I am completely amazed at the diversity of information in this cookbook. You can find basic cooking times for absolutely anything along with the most delicious recipes I have ever tasted!! I have not cooked a single recipe that was not fabulous. Also, I love the variations included with each recipe. Just yesterday I went to look for information on a cut of lamb that I had never dealt with before. I was able to find all the information I needed and could not find similar information in my Joy of Cooking…which I have always looked to be my biggest cooking resource. If you want to use your pressure cooker to cook amazing tasting recipes….then BUY THIS COOKBOOK!! It is simply the best 🙂

K. Roberts via

Hi Lorna!
I’m a huge fan & love your cookbooks. I use my pressure cooker several times a week because of you! Your books are my “go to gift” for weddings. Heard you were going to visit the folks at Rancho Gordo. They have wonderful products, don’t you think? Making some of their Rosa di Castilla beans using your recipe… Cheers – Helen Gillis (via Facebook)


So pleased to be a part of the Lorna Sass fan club! Love your books; can’t thank you enough for bringing pressure cooking and vegetarian recipes together for me! Charlann Gruber (via Facebook)

Hello Lorna,I had to tell you – I secured a new convert to pressure cooking. A friend came over for lunch on Thursday, and I was raving about making the chicken/butternup squash soup in 15 minutes. She was so impressed that she dug out her brand new cooker that’s been sitting in her basement for five years, and made a delicious batch of bean soup. She’s beyond thrilled. I love it!

Take care and have a great week!
Amy Grisak (via e-mail)


Thank you for your inspiration over the years.  I don’t think I would have survived my wife’s 6 months of bed rest, and being Mr. Mom on top of DadCooksDinner, without your cookbooks and a pressure cooker.

Mike Vrobel (via e-mail)


Your book rocks… I love the way you write and you inspired me to really get at it.  After many years of eating way too much of the wrong stuff, am scurrying to veganism and hoping to regain my girlish figure, even though I’m a rather burly alpha male.

Am going to buy everything you write that’s for vegetarians-vegans.*
Theodore L Blumberg, Counselor at Law (via e-mail)

•He’s referring to Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure and my other vegan cookbooks, some of which are called “vegetarian” since no one knew what vegan meant when they were published!


It must be rugged for a recipe to work the first time “in my hands.”
It did! I was so impressed that after I finished my bowl of Southern Pea Soup (on a very cold February night) I ordered ‘Pressure Perfect’ from Amazon. Thank you.

PS:  I looked in three supermarkets for a can on smooth pea soup. They don’t make it anymore. But, thanks to your recipe, I’ll never bother to look again–Michael Kogan (via e-mail)

Amazon Review of Pressure Perfect by Citizen John (Washington, D.C.)

“This is a quality cookbook that teaches you how to be very quick and versatile with your pressure cooker. The key to getting the hang of any kind of cooking is to be able to work with what you have to produce a work of art or at least something both tasty and healthy. This book does that better than maybe all the others.

The main problem I have with 90% of cookbooks is that I’ve got to have hard to find ingredients to make just about anything work, and I’m not such a dedicated grocery shopper. Sass’s approach appeals to me in particular. You see what you have and go with it doing the best you can, and it short order. The result is tasty and healthy.”

Amazon Review by M. J. Kogan “Walter DeFoe” (Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

“A thoughtfully written moderate size book with a good index. Even the type face is attractive: page numbers mid-page left and nice use of bracketing and bolding for key points. You don’t need to know where to look for information. Every recipe is stand alone. Each has page references to ingredient tables, meat, vegetarian, and flavor variations, and, at the bottom, how to pare it down for a smaller 4 quart cooker. The first three recipes I tried (pea soup, turkey barley and beans with meat) came out perfect the first time. Can’t ask for more than that. Can you?”



  1. Hi Lorna,

    Thank you for the comment on my recent blog post: Chicken with Tarragon-Mustard Sauce. I would love to check out your book Cooking Under Pressure and perhaps giveaway a copy or two on my blog goodLife {eats}.



  2. Dear Lorna,
    I borrowed “Whole Grains Every Day Every Way” from the local library last year and after maxing out my renewals, I picked up my very own copy from the bookstore. More than just simple and delicious recipes, this book is an amazing resource for understanding what we eat. It is my most used cookbook these days!

    Your book recommends pressure cooking grains to save time yet, as I value both of my functioning eyeballs, I’ve always been afraid to try it. But I bit the bullet last week and picked up a nice 6L model from the department store.

    My first recipe was the Jacques Pepin chili you link to here. After having it on the table in under an hour, we took a few bites and sat in stunned silence. How could this possibly taste so good?! No fuss, no stress, just great food, fast.

    And I should mention, I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes!

    Now on to my question. I have no doubt your entire line of pc cookbooks will make their way on to my shelf in the days to come, but as a total pc novice, which of your great books would you recommend as my first?

    Slowly but surely, I’m coming around to this efficient and civilised way of cooking!
    Cheers from your fan in Canada,

    • Tx for your kind words, Suzanne, and I’m thrilled that you’re in the process of becoming a convert. I’d recommend either Cooking Under Pressure or Pressure Perfect. Both have a good intro section that will hold you by the hand. Happy cooking and keep me posted on your success!

  3. I’m back! Had to send another message to let you know that after all these years of cooking with a pressure cooker, (and owning 2), I decided to treat myself to a “second generation” model. It should be arriving any day now and I can’t wait!
    Since my last post, I’ve continued to encourage anyone who will listen to take the plunge and buy a pressure cooker. There are a few converts who now swear by the wonders of a pc.
    Purchased Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure as a gift, but wound up keeping it for myself as some of the directions are different from the updates you made in 2004 in Pressure Perfect. Love the recipes in the veg. cookbook. Would you suggest giving Pressure Perfect as gift instead since it it most current? Cooking some Indian style kidney beans tonight for dinner!
    Rita D.

    • Hi Rita: if the person isn’t vegetarian or vegan, I think Pressure Perfect would be a better choice. Glad you’re so happily pressure cooking! Pls spread the word. Cheers. Lorna

  4. Lorna, I wondered if I might share you applesauce recipe from Pressure Perfect on my blog (with a link to your blog, of course, and your other two applesauce recipes.) I’ve been using that recipe for years. It transformed my applesauce making, so thanks for that!

    • Yes, of course! I’m sure you’ll mention the source and I’m happy for everyone to know about it. Happy cooking!

      • Thanks, Lorna. I’ll not only mention the cookbook, but I’ve included links to your blog and your two applesauce variations. Please keep the recipes coming.

  5. Hello Lorna, I have just ordered 2 of your books, The Pressure Cook, and Perfect Pressure, I just bought my first pressure cooker, a 10 quart Magefesa cooker, and am so avid to get started to get cooking with it.. I found your blog and Loved (emphasis mine) it so much that I signed for a prescription for it to come to my computer. The main thing your site did for me was to enlarge my zest to the max in getting started. I plan to have a lot of hungry and exited guests to experiment on, so I pray there will be plenty of big recipes on cooking for lots of friend. Love you Lorna, and If you were here I’ give you a big hug for setting my heart on fire for pressure cooking. Yours truly Arlan D Heinicke

  6. I am very excited to use my pressure cooker for dinner. I have used one for canning for over 30 years. I am vegetarian and I have purchased your cookbook for vegetarian cooking. Will my new Kuhn Rikon reach high enough pressure for your recipes? The high pressure mark is 0.8 bars according to the users manual.

    • Yes, you’ll do well with the Kuhn-Rikon. Happy cooking!

  7. Lorna,

    I am a fan. In recent years, I have been reducing my reliance on cookbooks and recipes, and cooking more and more from “what’s available,” and yet I find myself referring to your cookbooks over and over again. You have great recipes that are simple yet delicious, but also easy to alter based on my mood. I just love Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure and Whole Grains Every Day Every way.

    When we shifted to a vegetarian diet I realized that I needed to learn more about beans, but cooking them for 1-2 hours was too intimidating. Your cookbooks helped me learn how to make them – I love to tell people that Pressure Cooking took the pressure out of cooking beans for me. 🙂 When I tried to shift to more whole grains, you were there for me again. My health has improved greatly, Thanks in no small part to your clear instructions and recipes. In short, I truly appreciate your contributions to my kitchen. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad to hear that your health has improved. Warm regards, Lorna

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