Posted by: lornasass | May 19, 2010


Photo courtesy of French Culinary Institute, NYC

For an amazingly thorough discussion of pressure-cooked versus traditonal stove-top stock from the pros at the French Culinary Institute, click here.

Thanks to pressure cooker fan Mike Vrobel, of Dad Cooks Dinner, for calling my attention to it!



  1. Just bought your 10th anniversary edition and love it! Have used my electric pressure cooker on and off for 45 years, but got away from it in the past couple of years…..ready to go again after readng the wonderful recipes in your book. One question, out of curiosity, why, inr many recipes, are we not supposed to stir after adding ingredients? The impulse is to mix everything together…..

    • If sugary ingredients like tomatoes end up on the bottom of the cooker, they tend to scorch as you are bringing the cooker up to pressure over high heat, so best to leave them on top.

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